Inside The Mind Of The Youngest Female Billionaire

“The things that i’m most proud of achieving are attaining this level of success that is beyond my wildest dreams and doing it in a way that i feel that i can still look myself in the mirror and feel really good about how i got here.”

Sara Blakely turned $5,000 into 1 Billion dollars when she launched her female footless pantyhose line, Spanx. Selling over 8,000 in six minutes her fame and business success sky rocketed in no time flat. Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey & Richard Branson are a few of Sara Blakely’s mentors in her success.

In our first video, Sara talks about her path to becoming a lawyer. After failing her bar exams twice, she asked herself many questions about where life was trying to nudge her. Those questions would oddly enough lead her to create Spanx- a hosiery company responsible for creating various body-shapers and other women’s undergarments. More importantly, that decision would ultimately lead her to the title of “youngest woman to become a self made billionaire!” She describes that although her initial goals were strictly monetarily based, she is constantly bombarded with reviews and testimonials of women’s lives being changed for the better through this revolutionary product. She also describes her journey as an entrepreneur and tells us her most impactful moments such as being called by Oprah and selling 8,000 products in a 6-minute timeframe on QVC.




Calling all true hustlers (i’m talking to you men too, this woman can teach you something) you’ll want to perk your ears up and pull your notepad out for the second video. This woman has totally redefined failure! Through every failure, opportunities arise, you just have to keep your eyes open for them. Enjoy the videos and stay on your grind!

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