5 Easy Tips To End Procrastination Now

1. Break It Down! Break down the task into little steps. Try breaking it into three steps and focus on one step at a time. If three steps is not enough try breaking it down even further. The feeling of accomplishment influences productivity in a positive way. So, every time you complete a step, give yourself a high five and move on. 

2. Control Your Association! Spend time around people who are doers, people who inspire you take action. Look at the people around you both in your personal and professional life and find those people around you who have that let’s do it now and get it done attitude and follow through, and choose to spend more time with them. 

3. Stop Waiting For Perfection! When you wait for perfection you end up over-complicating things and taking absolutely no action at all. Stop waiting for the perfect time, the perfect this and that – and JUST DO IT! 

4. Move! Literally move! Change your surroundings. Different environments have a different impact on our moods, thought process, essentially our productivity. Create and/or choose an environment that stimulates you to want to get things done. 

5. Stop Everything and Clarify! Make sure there is alignment between what you want and what you are doing. 

Ask your self these questions: 

  • What exactly do you want to achieve? 
  • What should you do to get there? 
  • What are the steps to take? 
  • Does your current work align with that? 
  • If not, what can you do about it? 

The reality is this, procrastination is a road to nowhere. At the end of the day it is action that produces results, so choose to do what it takes to get rid of your “P” bug now. 

Author Karen Donaldson, AKA “Your Next Level Coach”, is a Motivational Speaker, Self- Leadership & Communication Coach and Consultant. 

For more information visit: karendonaldsoninc.com

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